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Children learn by doing, to make sense of their world. Enrolling your child in the WVU Nursery School provides them with a lucrative educational environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and lots of fun using project-based learning and play.

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The WVU Nursery School

Project-based learning that encourages creativity.

Sowing Seeds

In the summer of 2023, the leadership team at the College of Applied Human Sciences embarked in an effort to get the WVU Nursery School in top condition for the upcoming year. In addition to cleaning and refurbishing the outdoor equipment, the team also planted two new gardens. The WVU Nursery School students will continue to care and tend to the garden this upcoming year (and years to come) as part of their educational experience. 

Latest News

Settling in to a routine

We are well into the school year and have settled into a routine. Whether it is meeting new friends, getting reacquainted with old friends, exploring the WVU Nursery School classroom, or engaging in new topics, the year is off to a great start! 

 The 3-year-old class has developed safety rules for the classroom, read silly stories like “There was an old dragon who swallowed a knight” by Penny Parker Klostermann, and explored pumpkins. Recently, they began their Classical Art study by looking at pictures by four famous artists and voted for their favorite. Because Piet Mondrian was the winner, they will begin learning about the abstract artist and his paintings before we create a canvas painting of our own.

The 4-year-old class settled quickly into a routine. Right now, they are busy learning about fall. In particular, the students have explored numerous science activities, from what happens to apples in different solutions to why leaves change colors in the fall to the pumpkin life cycle. Also, they have been exploring, building, and drawing 2D and 3D shapes. 

Throughout the WVU Nursery School day, we have WVU students who work, intern, or attend class at the school. Obviously, it is important for them to learn about early childhood, experience a classroom setting, and transition pedagogy into practice. In addition, the WVU Nursery School students benefit through additional attention, creative learning experiences, and specific area expertise. We have two work study students, two interns, and two football players, in addition to a music therapy class, an early childhood physical education class, and two communication sciences and disorders classes. Both the 3-year-old and the 4-year-old students enjoy exploring new instruments, running obstacle courses, and engaging in focused literacy activities. Occasionally, the Nursery School students even switch roles and become the teachers to educate the WVU students on rules and procedures. 

Our days are filled with learning, laughter, and life!