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Children learn by doing, to make sense of their world. Enrolling your child in the WVU Nursery School provides them with a lucrative educational environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and lots of fun using project-based learning and play.

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The WVU Nursery School

Project-based learning that encourages creativity.

Wacky Wednesday

The Wacky Wednesday project at the WVU Nursery School was implemented many years ago as a means to encourage children to create stories that are further used in other ways. The teacher plans various ways to encourage children to invent stories that include certain story elements. Children then perform their dictated stories in an impromptu play and become the director of their own work. The children's enthusiasm in this project soon became contagious and thus began the project now known as "Wacky Wednesday".

What's happening


WVU Basketball vs. Nursery School

Members of the West Virginia University Basketball team visited the nursery school to challenge the children to a game.

tea party

Tea Party Time!

The Nursery School holds a tea party, every September, in honor of Shelley Marshall who was a victim of the 9/11 attacks. The tea set was donated by her family, in her honor, and the children sit down for tea in remembrance and to practice their table etiquette.